Metāla durvis


Company offers:

metal doors with powder paint;

metal doors with MDF panels or water-resistant veneer;

metal doors with adhesive coating;

fireproof metal doors.

Metal doors quality criteria:

leaf mechanical strength and toughness;

locks resistance to intrusion;

sound insulation;

thermal conductivity.

Additional options:



automated systems installation;

access systems installation;

stainless steel door sill;

hidden door hinges.

The standard doors include: metallic plate with an additional strong edges, sound insulation and thermal conductivity, door frame from profile tubes, burglar bolts, locks, latches, decorative siding and dooreye with angles 140-200 degrees, which allows to see all the stairwell.

Metal doors construcion strength is directly related to the accuracy of the steel sheet, steel quality and production technology.

Metal doors are made of 1.5-2 mm thick, profiled metal. Sound insulation and thermal conductivity provides both rock wool packing and sealing rubber, glued along the outer perimeter of the door.

We also produce metal doors using the profile bending machine.

Metal doors with powder paint are more resistant to various types of exposure, as well as the longest serving. Polymer, which steel doors are coated, improves the corrosion properties and impact resistance, making it possible to choose any color and texture coatings from RAL catalog. This type of doors are suitable for use both indoors and outdoors. Adhesive coating can be used to simulate tree structure for these doors.

Metal doors with water-resistant veneer well suited for use indoors and outdoors, it keeps its shape at changes of temperature and is resistant to mechanical impact. Water-resistant veneer makes it possible to choose any color and texture coatings from RAL catalog.

Metal doors with MDF panels suitable for use indoors. A wide choice of MDF panels allows the doors to be used with any interior and harmonize with any kind of facade.

Doors with adhesive coating has good sound insulation and thermal conductivity, resistance to UV light, and have attractive appearance that lasts for many years. For indoor and rooms without humidity use. We offer a variety of colors and texture options for a wide selection.

Fireproof metal doors with fire resistance to EI 30 and EI 60 meets European quality standards EN13501-2, and have according certificates. Possible to manufacture fire doors with glass. Suitable for outdoor and indoor use.