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Pferdestall Modul
  • Compared to brick-built stables with a ring belt and a rafter’s roof, the modular stall is very cheap, compared to cantilevered frame constructions even about 1/3 cheaper.
  • Only simple, inexpensive concrete work is necessary: Floor slab with strip foundations on frost depth. The stall can be paved (catchy ground). Foundation upstands are not required. We assemble from the top edge of the foundation.
Example: Complete price for a standard barn
(Snow load 1,00 kN / qm) with 20 boxes, from upper edge foundation:
Total price Price per horse
Price zzgl. MwSt. Price inkl. MwSt. Price zzgl. MwSt. Price inkl. MwSt.
Stable buildings „Modul“ 35,00 m x 10,00 m 86.200,00 € 100.678,00 € 4.810,00 € 5.533,90 €
20 Horseboxes „Standard“ 3,50 m x 3,50 m 41.600,00 € 47.604,00 € 1.580,00 € 1.880,20 €
Water supply with heater 5.100,00 € 6.069,00 € 255,00 € 303,45 €
Paddocks 3,50 m breit x 4,00 m tief 6.220,00 € 7.401,80 € 311,00 € 370,09 €
Complete assembly of stable buildings with boxes
(Without mounting paddocks and water line)
27.000,00 € 32.130,00 € 1.350,00 € 1.606,50 €

Prices plus transport, construction site and accommodation costs of the fitters. Prices vary according to equipment, local conditions, as well as snow load.

Pferdestall Modul einfache Montage

Easy construction

  • Quick and uncomplicated installation, very much self-service is possible.
  • Depending on the requirements, either complete assembly by us, partial assembly by 2 assemblers and on-site helpers or assembly by the customer itself is possible.
  • Installation time for a stable with 10 boxes: approx. 4-5 days, for a stable with 20 boxes: approx. 7 days.
  • Pferdestall Modul mit Paddock
  • Pferdestall Modul mit Paddock

All from one hand

  • We advise, manufacture, deliver and assemble from top edge foundation (without electrical installation). We also offer an extensive range of accessories:
    • Complete water line with heater. This system prevents frozen pipes in winter.
    • Paddock fence system made of sturdy, galvanized steel pipes (impact and bite resistant). Also with doors on the front or hinged partitions.
    • Automatic cleaning system
    • Other accessories: feeding troughs, horse showers, saddle holders etc.
  • On request, our civil engineer will draw up the foundation plans and the statics that can be checked. He can also take over the entire planning (planning permission).
  • Please note the new guidelines for horse keeping! This is also necessary for the building permit. We are happy to help you plan a horse stable.
  • We would be happy to advise you and show you the reference point or our exhibition center in Riegel.

Freight costs by arrangement.