A price list of our standard halls can be found below or let us make an individual offer for you.

Individual halls and facilities Planning services and cooperation Trust is not guaranteed, trust must be built Through the long-term construction of halls, various representative objects have been created which have been produced both in wood and in steel construction. The individual customer requirements are also decisive for hall planning and plant planning. Due to the potential for action, halls of FBS Industry are always unique, tailored to the respective customer. If you are interested in the visit of a facility created by us, please make an appointment with our house. The company FBS INDUSTRY is your partner for the consultation, planning and construction of your halls from the first sketch to the inauguration down to the smallest detail. Even after completion, we remain your partner.

Step 1 A collaboration with the architect of the company FBS INDUSTRY could look like this: You commission the company FBS INDUSTRY with the preparation of a preliminary study (preliminary draft). They are given extraordinary, realistic, three-dimensional drawings whose facade designs (roof and wall) can be quickly changed (especially important in negotiations with authorities and environmental institutions)

And a cost estimate

As a basis for your planning considerations.

2. Step You commission the company FBS Industry with the approval planning as well as the further construction planning (in this phase experience still change and execution variants, which can be considered). At the same time, the actual total costs are determined by the company FBS Industry so that, up to the granting of the building permit

Turnkey price as a 3rd step.

You will receive this offer from FBS Industry.

Note: You are, of course, free to outsource the services in individual trades or to place the entire building project in the tried and tested hands of the employees of the company FBS Industry and / or to carry out some of the work in-house. These own contributions can, of course, be taken into account in the financial statements. All planning services are settled at a reasonable fixed price. When a general contractor contract from FBS Industry is taken over, the client (builder)

50% from the planning contract paid back

Price list Riding Halls

Basic equipment:

Steel construction primed and lacquered, incl. Delivery of the statics and foundation plans
Wooden couplings
Roofing made of corrugated fiber cement boards, natural gray color including roof drainage
Wall cladding made of steel trapezoidal sheet
1 piece of gate 4 x 4 m, 1 piece of door 1 x 2 m
Eaves height approx. 4,50 m, roof inclination approx. 15 degrees
Everything delivered and ready assembled on site!

Performance Hall 15 x 30 m Hall 20 x 40 m Hall 20 x 60 m
Basic equipment 17.900,00 € 30.400,00 € 44.900,00 €
More prices:
Light / air first, width 2 m !! 2.700,00 € 3.600,00 € 5.400,00 €
Light strip, height 1.60 m 1.700,00 € 2.200,00 € 2.900,00 €
2 pieces of light gable triangle 1.250,00 € 1.750,00 € 1.750,00 €
Towing 10 m wide (without wall covering) 30.900,00 € 39.900,00 € 51.900,00 €
Towing 7 m wide (without wall covering) 18.900,00 € 22.900,00 € 28.900,00 €
Plastic exterior walls for 10 m wide towage   29.950,00 € 35.900,00 € 43.700,00 €
Plastic exterior walls for 7 m wide towing 24.250,00 € 31.550,00 € 39.400,00 €
irrigation 4.000,00 € 6.000,00 € 9.000,00 €
1.500,00 € 2.000,00 € 3.500,00 €
For riding stables, for example 4.455,00 € 5.940,00 € 7.920,00 €
All prices are subject to change without prior notice.
The marked items are excluding freight and assembly.
Snow load zone 1 + 2 without North German depth level, altitude up to 268 m above sea level, wind load zone 1 Inland


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