Par mums

We are a modern high-tech company, which will operate as a professional partner in the metal industry, with simple and complex contracts.

The company and its subsidiaries employ more than 70 employees, produce together 2000 sqm. Our team consists of experienced and professional staff to work with a high sense of responsibility, working as a united team in order to realize the most complex projects.

FBS industrial activity corresponding to quality standards recognized 9001, allowing the company to be recognized nationally and internationally, the economic and metalworking horizon to expand ISO. True to our motto “Creative – Constructive – Transparent” We guarantee a professional approach. We are your partner for: steel construction, steel halls, conservatories, balconies, stairs, handrails and special designs. We have sheets in various grades and dimensions in stock and stamping, folding, rolling and laser cutting adapt.

We build on partnerships, together we are strong! We provide professional and comprehensible services in the construction sector. Modern technology helps us in planning, manufacturing and assembly. We want to be a leader in terms of quality here. We only offer services that meet our high standards. To bring the good performance for our customers us a financial return that is right for us and attractive to customers. Motivated, competent and well-trained employees are the basis for our company above-average performance. Initiative and creativity, we support a performance-based wage with progressive employee benefits and pay. We place great value on a good working environment.

Great job satisfaction have to do with objects that inspire us and bring on. Our customers are the most important people in our company, whether or write personally. To our customers, we provide best services of great use, making them happy to recommend us. Meeting the needs of our customers with reliable products, services, professional advice and flawless order fulfillment. Avoid errors and their subsequent correction. Win and get. Quality agreements that we meet with our customers and suppliers through our behavior and our daily performance trust and recognition among our business partners, binding and all internal functions are on.